Re: [Code] Rent system

From: The Chuckster (
Date: 09/13/96

> Well, I have not had those probs, sorry, but I would like to know how I 
> would make it so that people would have to quit from a certain place, for 
> instance how would I mke rent just one coin, so I can force people to 
> quit from midgaard?
> Phantom
> 4000

Just put a check in do_quit that looks to see where the the player
is trying to quit from. I can't think of the code off the top of my
head but look for simiiliar code such as NO_MAGIC rooms and stuff
like that. I would add a new room type ROOM_OKQUIT, and then in
do_quit check to see if room is set ROOM_NOQUIT, then allow the
player to quit. (however, losing link will allow the player to
quit anywhere)

>From the player point of view, having to quit in a specific place would
be annoying, especially on my mud where areas are hundreds of rooms
apart. Realistically, quitting means suspending your 'fantasy' world and why
would you have to be in a certain room to do that? If I leave my character
on a long road somewhere, I would want to re enter the fantasy world at
that point.

My 2 cents,


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