[Code] DIR Structure

From: LrdSpectre (LrdSpectre@aol.com)
Date: 09/14/96


Could a couple of you out there do me a favour?  I am getting directory
and/or file does not exsist errors and have grepped the code a million times
and can't find the one or ones I am missing.  I have house and the plrobjs
ones.  Currently I am running the MUD for my alpha testers and builders under
Win95 and setting setting up a Linux 2.0 system to move to in a month or so.
 So, if you all could send me the tree structure for both Linux and Win I
would appreciate it mucho!

Not sure how to do this under Linux, but for those using windows, if ya just
drop to the dos prompt, go to the circle dir and type DIR /S >> DIR.DIR it
will make a file with the DIR structure and all the files in it.

Thanks a billion

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