Re: [INFO] [Admin] rebooting

From: George (
Date: 09/16/96

On Sun, 15 Sep 1996, Ed Beheler wrote:

> > We are looking for information on how to reboot MUD on our UNIX server
> > without having to have root access.  Our autorun feature seems to crash
> > crash on occasion for reasons unknown. MUD will start with no problems if
> > it is rebooted with root access.  Unfortunately, two of the IMPLS do not
> > have root access and 3AM phone calls can get annoying :)
> > Any suggestions?
> sure!  don't run the mud from root.. make an account (mud@what.ever)
> and run the mud from it.

I'd say make a crontab, much better :)
I occaisonally had a problem with the crontab file on the site in that it would occaisonally never
find the mud running and thus execute (and fail since the
port was being used) an autorun script every 15 minutes,
needless to say, 20 of these all trying to boot a mud
continuously is not good, so I changed the 'restart' file
instead of going to 'exec bin/circle' to just 'bin/circle'
after reading the (linux anyway) manual page that said
crond won't run a process that is still running, like
a 1 second crontab that says 'sleep 2' won't run until the
last one is done.  Otherwise, mine has been rebooting the
mud after server crashes for many months now.


PS - get the GDB script, it's _very_ helpful, except for the
   error in str_dup I get that segmentation faults in the
   stdlib.h file...can't figure that one out, but at least now
   I know what happens :)
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