From: Mikael Askernäs (Mikael.Askernas@hks.se)
Date: 09/17/96


I'm a new circle IMP named Mike Askernas...

I have a little problem .. I have not coded any mud earlier, and I hope
that I can get some help and ideas here. I HAVE been god on muds for a
number of years tho, and I have also been involved in IMP:ing muds
earlier.. but never coding them..

SO: my question is: how the heck do i go about to change number of
levels.. ??

I managed to get some of it going earlier today, but my godchar was
still lev 34...

SO ... i logged out.. deleted the pfile.. and tried to create a new
char.. and the mud crashes.

It all ended up with me reinstalling a number of files... 

so much for that effort..

How will I go about it?

If anyone out there can help, please respond privately to me, since i am
not yet a member of this mailinglist...


/Mike Askernas
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