Re: [code] redit problem

From: Thomas Pedersen (
Date: 09/18/96

I'm experiencing the same problem with medit (medit save "always" crashes)
and leaves the .wld file blank. I bi*ch to debug as well......

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996 wrote:

> JM>> Ok this is an interesting one, but I'm sure someone has seen it before.
> JM>> We use Oasisolc to build online here, and it goes in spurts but we've
> JM>> been having a spat of crashes right after redit asks "Do you want to
> JM>> save this room internally".
> JM>>
> JM>> It's not kicking out any errors, just brings the mud down. Has anyone
> JM>> had this happen and if so has anyone found a fix for it?
> JM>>
> JM>hmm I use oasis and have never had that problem, but you do realise
> JM>if you type soething that wouldnt be accepted in a normal circle file
> JM>it will keal over, i had one builder who loved to put in ~ into his
> JM>descriptions and ever time a coconut it crashed.
> We're not doing that one. I typed two words in the room description and
> they were Test Room, and then hit q for quit, it asked if I wanted to
> save, I typed y for yes, and whamo, down it comes. Not every time, but
> about 50% of the times, which is real wierd about this one.
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