Re: [CODE-SUBMISSION] Stripper utility

From: goamkows (
Date: 09/19/96

:P I just wanted to say, that I just finnished making a neat little utility
:P program (which seems bugless), that will strip ANY file for all those ^M's
:P (\r's). I made it because some of my mud's players were repporting some
:P wierd sceenoutput with spaces all over the screen. Generally a f*cked up
:P output. After a little investigation I found that the crappy output was
:P caused by ^M's (\r's in C) probably from someone editing the worldfiles in
:P DOS and then transfering them to the Unix/Linux box in some wierd way.

on the other hand, if you use emacs, you can do a:
M-x replace-string ^q^m <cr>

works too :)

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