[NEWBIE?] Structures (repost)

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (guil9964@nova.gmi.edu)
Date: 09/19/96

Hi Guys-

I'm reposting this message because I didn't get any replies and I could 
really use one. Currently my mud is in non-compilable form and it's a bit 
of work to go undo everything that I've done. Please don't consider this 
nagging, but just wanted you to know that I haven't heard anything since 
this went outon Monday.


I don't know if you'd call this a newbie question...you probabyl would, 
but anyway I'm using a highly modified version of the email registration 
code on the ftp site. I'm not registering players, but rather getting 
their email address and storing it in a file. I have the function done, 
but my question is this...where do I add the "email" field so that it can 
be written to, both in the file and in memory?

I have added lines in structs.h in struct char_player_data and in
struct char_file_u to the affect of:

char *email[EMAIL_LENGTH+1]

but when I try to do these two lines in interpreter.c, I get errors 
saying that there is no file named email in the structure. Here are the 
lines which cause the errors:

	CREATE(d->character->email, char, strlen(arg) + 1;
	strncpy(d->character->email, arg, EMAIL_LENGTH);

If anyone could tell me what I am missing or perhaps what I added that I 
shouldn't have? I know I've been coding muds a bit too long to ask this 
type of question, but honestly I have never added anything to the player 
structure before.


Brian Guilbault - GMI Engineering Institute
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