Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Re: [ADMIN] Unix passords and cracking

From: Chuck (
Date: 09/20/96

At 02:13 PM 9/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Ron Hensley wrote:
>> > and UNIX passwords are _IMPOSSIBLE_ to crack. (I know, you have heard
the same
>> > bullshit I have about someone claiming they can crack them)i. A person
>encryption on the password in some way.  This is definately not possible 
>with passwords in unix. 
>They are indeed uncrackable.  But they are absolutely not unguessable.  
>All Crack does is guessing passwords and see if they are the same.  
>Doesn't have much to do with cracking except in the name of the program.. 
yea, that is what I was referring to. decrypting a unix password is impossible
(even if you know the key word the particuliar unix bases it's encryption off
of). But people claim to be able too, *laugh*. My advisor would sure like to
meet them (he has 2 phd's, one from MIT), for he is unable to crack unix
passwords. (he worked for Sun for 8 years). Anyway, back to the original
post, a system is pretty secure from someone just connecting thru a port
greater than 1000, such as a mud. There is not much you can do from a login


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