Re: Non-Circle: PPP Scripts for Windows 95?

From: Timothy Hughes (
Date: 09/23/96

    Under the Control Panels, open the Add/Remove Programs folder.  Click on
the Windows Setup Tab and select have disk.  Go to the Drive with your
source disk or cd and select the admin\apptools\dscript folders.  And
install the rnaplus.inf file.  This installs the Slip and Scripting tools
for Win 95.  This adds a couple of programs onto the Start button.  Using
this you can create slip or PPP scripts for connecting to a remote system.
I have been using this setup for about a year.  Any questions just let me know.

At 04:08 PM 9/23/96 +0900, Biscuit wrote:
>    Sorry for this off-topic question, but would like to know how to create
>scripts for Windows 95 PPP Logon.  If anyone knows about this, please help.
>    The PAC-Rat

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