Deteriorating Equipment and Stat Tweaks

From: Mike Prior (
Date: 09/23/96

I would like to implement a couple of things on my MUD:

#1 - Deteriorating equipment - EQ lasts a certain amount of time and
then either crumbles to dust or the stats get lower on it.  I will have
weapon repair shops that for a price will repair the weapons back to

#2 - Tweaked stats on EQ - I would like varying stats on equipment, not
just the same thing all the time, players get to know the stats and it
becomes pretty boring, also, the eq with good tweaks will fetch a nice
price on auction which will increase trading and money flow between

If anyone has implemented either/both of these, could you please share
your ideas with me, I feel the implementation of equipment is a MAJOR
part of a MUD and would like mine to be the best around (don't we all?
:) )

Thanks, and best regards,
Helleth - GOD of FIRE!
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