Re: Deteriorating Equipment and Stat Tweaks

From: George (
Date: 09/24/96

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Mike Prior wrote:
> #1 - Deteriorating equipment - EQ lasts a certain amount of time and
> then either crumbles to dust or the stats get lower on it.  I will have
> weapon repair shops that for a price will repair the weapons back to
> new.

Medievia did something like this...except you could only fix by eggs,
I never played long enough to care :)

> #2 - Tweaked stats on EQ - I would like varying stats on equipment, not
> just the same thing all the time, players get to know the stats and it
> becomes pretty boring, also, the eq with good tweaks will fetch a nice
> price on auction which will increase trading and money flow between
> players.

Medievia also did that, I played for like 2 weeks and had a character
with +33+6 stats :P  You have to be careful with it or they run rampant.
Basically people buy a lot of identify scrolls...


(Tweak in moderation, and maybe eq deterioration due to damage
 is a better idea)

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