Re: people

From: Joe Vail (
Date: 09/27/96

Ok, I am sorry if I said asshole. I met smartass. I have been on this
list a while, and I dont post that much but I see all the posts come
through. You say my post wastes time by whining. But it seems your
post did nothing except dog on someone who possibly might not have
even been on the list when Elson posted what we speak of. Your post
was unecessary. All I said was why make a comment if it doesnt help the 
guy. just let it be. Its no flame war. So why did you waste time by
writing to tell the other coder your 2 cents? I gave mine and you 
bitched. But there is no difference. I can't force you to post in any 
manner. I just asked that you not post and say something to people who 
ask a question, to tell them some comment that does nothing good. Nobody 
subscribes to this list to be replied to with some smart comment. I have 
no flame war with you. In fact I wont post anymore about it. But dont 
tell me not to post with my opinion if you are posting with yours.
Buddie-Joe Vail          

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