RE: Question for everyone...

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 09/28/96

On Friday, September 27, 1996 2:00 PM, Alex[] wrote:
>I know that everyone has their favourite Muds out there that break
>all sorts of licenses such as the DikuMud license, the CircleMUD
>license, the Merc/Envy License, the ROM license, and so forth.
>What I am wondering is if anyone knows of any, if they could please
>send me the names and ip addresses of the mud (along with what
>licenses they are breaking if known).

I suppose you'd like to know if we speed too? Jeez, not even an
off topic tag.. (ADMIN seems appropriate?)

Seriously.. For what purpose do you seek this information? I would be more
likely to respond if that was known. Lacking that, it just makes me
suspicious of the intent.

And yes, I do comply with licensing agreements..ALL of them, ALWAYS.


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