Re: Question for everyone...

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 09/29/96

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, Alex wrote:

> I know that everyone has their favourite Muds out there that break
> all sorts of licenses such as the DikuMud license, the CircleMUD
> license, the Merc/Envy License, the ROM license, and so forth.
> What I am wondering is if anyone knows of any, if they could please
> send me the names and ip addresses of the mud (along with what
> licenses they are breaking if known).

Which Gary Barnett replied to with:

> I suppose you'd like to know if we speed, too?  Jeez, not even an
> off topic tag.. (ADMIN seems appropriate?)
> [stuff about suspiscions of Furry's intent snipped]

My response:

  This just makes me wonder if anyone knows who to trust and who not to
  and if anyone thinks to give credit where credit is due outside of the

  This is the second semi-cruel message I've seen directed towards Alex.
  It seems no-one knows whom he his.  For everyone's information, Alex
  is co-author of the building.doc introduction, part of VieMUD, admin of
  this mailing list, maintainer and builder of worlds, maintainer and
  author of the snippets page, part of CAW (I think), and much more.  I
  seriously doubt he has any malicous intent towards anyone.

  In fact, I don't even know what makes people think they have the right
  to publically flame or cast doubt upon anyone, especially Alex, Jeremy,
  or any other of the numerous contributors that deserve respect.  What
  have you done for us all that is so great?  Try to protect us from
  people that are helping us?

  Not that we should bow down to them and worship their every step, but
  we certainly should owe them respect -- and you, Mr Barnett, certainly
  owe Alex an apology.


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