Re: back up

From: Melen (
Date: 09/30/96

On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, Jeremy Elson wrote:
> Personally, yes, I think it's in bad taste to have a bot on an IRC channel
> to advertise a MUD.  But I know a lot better than to ever waste my time on
> something futile like trying to control an IRC channel :-).

I know this is kinda a stupid situation (heh, believe me I know;), I just 
wanted to say that no bots advertise my mud. Once a day I change my topic 
to "Allanthya MUD: Telnet to port 4000", but many other 
mud's addresses have been up there. The bots are merely there for 'peace 
of mind' (heh).

Anyways, lemme know if you run into a problem with that perl stuff. It 
can be a pain in the butt to setup.


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