Re: [IDEA] Mortals and Immortal help topics

From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 09/30/96

> Ina couple 'o werds, role playing ;)  If a person wanted to find out about
> someone else's guild, then they would have to ask.  Might raise a few brows,
> mister 22nd year Cleric is all of a sudden looking into the affairs of the
> Sorc guild.  Never the less, it lessens the mechanical aspect of the game a
> bit and forces a little more interaction between players.  ::shrug::  I like
> the idea.

If you are running a hardcore RP mud, great, but 95% of the mudders out
there would just quit out and make a sorcorer character to see it's
helpfiles... that's a pretty lame restriction to put on people. I'm all for
RP but a new character to a mud most likely wont want to stick around to ask
if the info isnt readily avalable... kinda makes the mud extremely un-user
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