Re: [code] Was the person having trouble with cast and MobProgs get help?

From: The Chuckster (
Date: 10/01/96

> After an evening of coding fun, I've finally altered do_cast
> into do_mpcast,  There was a number of people who said that
> they were having problems with MobProgs and casting spells,
> of course, it all came back to the IS_NPC then return in
> do_cast that was lousing everything up.  :)   So, if you
> were one of the few that didn't make their own mpcast, email
> me and I'll mail you mine :) 
> Jason Goodwin
I think I posted something a while backing asking for help, but
here is what I ended up doing.

I removed the if (IS_NPC) check in do_cast so that will allow
npc's to use 'cast'.

I then added cases to the edesc feilds in db.c.

I believe it looked something like this,

case ("Fireball"): {
  RANGE(1, 100);
  GET_SKILL(mob_proto, SPELL_FIREBALL) = num_arg;

The only problem is that every skill/spell you want the mob to use has to
be added as a case here.  Did you find an easier or more efficient way?


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