Re: [IDEA] Mortals and Immortal help topics

From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 10/01/96

> respect for immortal powers. Or, as has happened a couple of times to 
> me, certain mortals try and tell me how to run the mud.
> eg 'This player is a prick, and he should be banned' or 'Ah, go on 
> and set my xp up a bit, its not logged so nobody would know.'
> Now, they wouldnt know some of this info unless they had read the 
> help file, and in doing so, they annoy imms more. If u want your 
> players to know all your imm commands, then fine, keep it the way it 
> is in stock.

WHat annoys me even more is when players try to tell me how to code. I
actuaslly had this once:

Player gossips, 'Hey, when you are asleep and type <some command> it doesnt
show you anything... you should use send_to_char instead of act there.'

Oh ok like I forgot how to code thank you. Use the bug command please and
let me know about it, no need to tell me how to code. :)
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