[CODE] Porting Circle 3.0 to linux!?!

From: Mikael Askernäs (Mikael.Askernas@hks.se)
Date: 10/01/96


I have been running the mud for configuration on a pentium 120 running
win 95. This has worked perfectly fine.

Now, I am desperately trying to set it up on a linux box... I have
uploaded all files i need.. changed the ones that needs changing for
linux.... and created a new makefile.

now: when i am about to compile the damn thing... I get this error:

makefile:41: *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.

I dont know what to do, since i have not worked with linux earlier...
and I only have one word here...


The server has another mud on it, (not running) same base source (apart
from my changes) and that had no problems running...

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