[Offtopic] Circle Windows Editor, address change

From: pi (mud@proimages.proimages.com)
Date: 10/02/96


Please send any correspondence you would normally send to me to
mc2@geocities.com.  This includes all correspondence about CircEdit, etc.
I am also unsubscribing from the list.  Mail sent here may bounce.

Concerning Circle:  Please send me a list of any items you wish to have
configurable in CircEdit.  Right now, room bitvectors and sector types are
configurable.  I had a request to make the wear_fields for equipment
configurable as well.  An item that is not currently configurable is
Door_Flag (it's 0,1, or 2, press a button), so if you want that
changeable, let me know.  I also had a request to allow 8-directional
movement plus up & down (N,NE,S,SE, etc.), if anyone else wants this, tell
me! ;)

To get the pre-demo version of CircEdit (0.89a), go to

You should also be able to get it via anonymous ftp from the site linked
there and CircleMUD.org's ftp site. 

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