[CODE] MAJOR problem!!!

From: Mikael Askernäs (Mikael.Askernas@hks.se)
Date: 10/03/96

Hi ..

I just ported my mud to a linux box..

Now this little fun thing has appeared. It can't be compiled.
The ONLY way of getting a compiled and working mud is by uncompressing
all the BASIC files and get them running.

Now.. this would be ok, if I could do the changes at least online...


It seems as any small change I do to one of the .c files... such as
adding levels (Yes, i DO know how to do it:) results in about 500 lines
of errorcode. I cant snip em back here, since my telnet program sux :),
and I cant recompile the mud!
I cant edit ANY files ...  I cant edit them at home THEN upload them?

The editor on the linux box is called 'pico' ...

Anyone got any idea what is WRONG?
I have tried the following:

1. Unpacking and compiling the basic source
	works just fine.

2. Unpacking, compiling, uploaded altered files, recompiled.
	doesnt work at all.

3. Unpacking, uploaded altered files, compiled.
	doesnt work at all.

4. Unpacking, done 2 & 3 in the editor on the linux box.
	still doesnt work.

I have been mofifing hte code and have the mud running on a Win95
machine. Some people may say that that is the reason, but I have also
done the following:

I have downloaded the unix version, placed it on my site, and unpacked
and all that, then I have copied and pasted the changes ONLY to the
	No-thing at all!

What to do ???

/Hobbes the Tiger in Despair
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