RE : Win95 Plrobj

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 10/04/96

I wrote the following earlier on today, and Gary ammended it for me.
I was asking where are the player files, etc. In the UNIX version, they
are listed in various directories by PC name .. but in Win95, there is
just one file in some funny code (compiled code i take it), which means
it's very impossible to read and understand how players are recorded.

This is what we mentioned :-

>					\lib\  <in the lib directory>
>						misc
>						plrobjs

 This is the area you need to take a look at.. plrobjs
 make sure there are directories off of this one called
 a-e, f-j, k-o, p-t, u-z and zzz

  Like i just said, Win version doesn't have this. *sigh* Which is why i
was asking in the first place (sorry gary, I must have forgot to mention
that the Win version doesn't do that / have that. There are only three
files in the PLROBJ directory for WIN95 -> searchfor, purgeobjs,

So, does anyone have any solutions to this -> eg. Any code / places in the
exsisting code to look into to save each new player / read each player
into seperate text / ASCII files? Any help here? Thanks a lot again. =)

Jussy ... who just can't seem to get things happening so far .. 
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