Re: RE : Win95 Plrobj

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 10/04/96

> >This is what we mentioned :-
> >
> >>					\lib\  <in the lib directory>
> >>						misc
> >>						plrobjs
> >
> > This is the area you need to take a look at.. plrobjs
> > make sure there are directories off of this one called
> > a-e, f-j, k-o, p-t, u-z and zzz
> >
> >  Like i just said, Win version doesn't have this. *sigh* Which is why i
>       HMO. We have two things here.. Players and their objects. The player
>       information (name, stats, etc) is stored in a binary file in /lib/etc n
>       players. Their objects are stored in binary files.. one per player in t
>       /lib/plrobjs/xxx directory.. according to their name.

Yes, sorry for the confusion.  Circle stores player info (# of points,
exp, skills learned) in one big file called 'players'.  Rent, on the
other hand, is stored in many small files, one per person.  Unfortunately 
the Windows version of ZIP does not create directories if the directories 
are empty, so the a-e, f-j, etc. directories are not created, hence Circle
can't create the rent files, hence rent doesn't work.

This is being "fixed" in the PL12 distribution by creating dummy files in 
each of the object directories to force the unzip program to create them.

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