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Date: 10/04/96

On Fri, 4 Oct 1996, Daniel W. Burke wrote:

> I know a lot of people on the list use Linux, and Jed is an *excellent* 
> editor for programming in C... it's all nice and color coded when it 
> comes to reserved words, {}[]() characters, autoindents for you, and 
> shows you were open brackets are when you type a close bracked, even 
> warns you if there's a possible mismatch.  (It even makes timed backups 
> of the file you're working on incase of whatever)..

My personal fave is 'joe' which I downloaded from the Linux archive and
got to compile on BSDI with no changes what-so-ever.  It is powerful,
allowing multiple file windows, cut-and-paste (and other block commands),
search/replace, goto line, and the ability to check for the close/open
thing, too (although it doesn't do it automatically like Jed or Jove,
which I find actually annoying).

Joe is also much easier to use than Emacs, more powerful than Pico, and
can even emulate Pico (to some extent).

The problems I have with Jed is it's rather sluggish, it's not extremely
functional, the command set is difficult, and it automatically does the
matching of {}/[]/() even when you don't want it to (eg., when you know
that you have your code right, then it takes a few seconds to skip
backwards then forwards).  99% of the time I know my {}/[]/()'s are right
simply because of indents, so I don't want it skipping back and forth (it
gets extremely distracting).

I suppose it's up to personal preferences, though.


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