From: jubjub (jubjub@cjnetworks.com)
Date: 10/06/96

Hey all:
	To start out, this letter is not a flame, and to any whom may consider
it as such, I apologize, for I wish only to ask for some thoughts here,
not degrade a channel or anything like that.
	Now that that's over with, I was coming up with an idea last week, and
was interested to know if anyone wanted to help with it.  I think it
would be very nice if we could some of the more knowledgable c-coders at
a place where confused newbies could easily seek and find advice,
without the hassle of email.  I was thinking an irc channel for such a
thing would be a very good chance for newbies to get help live, not over
email.  However, in order to set this up (I am thinking a bot of
somekind would be good, we could load it up with faqs, code snippets,
etc) but I first want to check if anyone has an interest in such a
thing.  While I see it as a good chance to help the newer coders, others
may see it as an annoyance, and if everyone feels that way, I'd just
assume not worry about making the bot and all.  Anyway, just tell me how
you feel about this, and if you would be willing to help out on irc,
just as many of you help out frequently on this mailing list.  Again,
any input (that isn't flames that is) :P would be appreciated.  Thanx
for your time.
	PS  This is not and was not intended to be any sort of attack on any
certain IRC channels, so I do not expect it to be taken by people as
such.  However, if one should choose to take offense to me writing this,
I must apologize to all those who don't want to see flame after flame. 
Hopefully, this letter can avoid that though.
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