Re: [ADMIN} Survey of List Format

From: Ebon Mists (
Date: 10/06/96

> > Just curious, how many of you like the  prefix
> > 
> > I know Alex takes time out of his busy day to maintain the list
> > in that particuliar folder.
> > 

I'd prefer it if were [Cir] or something like that... with headers like:

I can see about 5 letters MAYBE of the subject line before pulling up the
message. Honestly, I do not read all the posts to the list, and ones I dont
need to read/feel like reading I usually skip over based on the subject
line. When I cannot even read the subject line I have to pull up the message
then see if it's worth reading. I know, bug deal, right? It's only a few
keystrokes... but when I have 100 or so emails a day to skim through and
have work, a girlfriend, code, etc it DOES waste time. :)

Anyway, enough blathering. I like it because I can tell from what mailing
list it's from, but maybe shorten it a little, or chill out on the extra
headers maybe?

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