Re: [code] Playerfile conversion

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 10/07/96

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Niese-Petersen wrote:

> >   You could save more space if you have fields that are set to the
> >   default and just completely eliminate them from the file.   That
> >   way, while you are gaining a bit of space for the "field"  being
> >   there, you are also eliminating "0 0 (null) (null) 0 0 0"   from
> >   the file.
> Not many default values.. Besides name, but read below.

  When class if zero, eliminate it.  When level is 1, eliminate it...
  When they don't have a poofin/poofout, different title, etc. then
  eliminate it.  Anything that is zero or NULL can be eliminated.

> >   I personally don't see why, though, you'd need to  do
> >   a save of their name in the pfile considering the name is  known
> >   by the time we are reading the pfile (eg., "spawn.plr" obviously
> >   belongs to the person named, "Spawn," no ned to have that in the
> >   actual pfile).
> Well.. depends how you look at it :)
> A player could have a name with more than one capital letter. Like: BRiT
> Then the question is: Do you want filenames like BRiT.pfile or
> brit.pfile ? :)

  Better question:  Do you want players with names like that?  Seems
  really silly and trivial, IMHO.  Brit doesn't take on any new meaning
  when only the 'i' is lower-case.

  "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

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