C Playerfile conversion

From: Jorge Guilherme (jmg@students.si.fct.unl.pt)
Date: 10/08/96

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Thomas Katzlberger wrote:

> Nobody can save significant space with *.plr files as the device
> block size of most harddisks is 512 or 1024 bytes. This means if
> a playerfile is 1034 bytes the actual space is at least 1536 bytes
> on your harddisk, not taking into account the inodes you are using 
> up to store the directory and file reference.
 That's right. So there is no big gain when you cut the file from 1023 to
513, wich is almost half.

> Hence I suggest to use fractal compression ... by applying it
> simultaneously to player and world files we could reduce the
> effective pfilesize dramatically!! We just have to look for a 
> MOB with similar stats and make a reference to it. Whenever a 
> player loads he loads the mob instead and applys a diff to it 
> so that he gets his individual stats back. 
 One of the porpouses of the ascii file is to be edited easely, so your
method would riquere a midle step to get it diffed.
 Not to mention the time it takes to "look for a  MOB with similar stats".

> Simple, isn't it? 
 I think we've got a major in mathematical computation! 8-)

      Jorge Guilherme

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