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From: Chris Austin (
Date: 10/09/96

Ron Hensley wrote:
> As this list has not had one post in months, im going to discontinue it
> in a few days unless i hear from anyone that they still wish to use it.
> By the way, where is the latest release available? I scrapped using
> intermud a few months ago because it was still in its infancy stages and
> too unreliable.
> Is it improved yet? Worth using? Gaining any popularity?
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Hello everyone,

Sorry that I've been inactive in the last while.  I've had a couple of
disk crashes and some major projects to do on my mud that have been
keeping me busy.  Anyways, I've just released version 0.56 and you can
get it from :-

This version corrects some minor problems, includes a major code cleanup
and I've vastly imporoved the logging for intermud.

FTP it and give it a try.  Also a special thanks to Ron for keeping the 
list alive!

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