Re: [Code] Ident patch

From: Jonathan Blackhawke (
Date: 10/10/96

DOH!,  I sure feel stipid now.  Thank you for pointing that out for me.  I
guess my brain was not functioning tonight :)  *bows graciously*


> From: Eric Green <>
> To: Jonathan Blackhawke <>
> Subject: Re:  [Code] Ident patch
> Date: Friday, October 11, 1996 12:09 AM
> >     I just applied the ident patch and now that I am compiling, I am
> >getting errors on compiling that I had never received before on the
> >OasisOLC part of the code.  I've included all the errors that I've been
> >getting.  They are all classified as undefined symbols.  If anyone can
> >me ideas, I would greatly appretiate it.
> If you followed the directions from the ident README, you rebuilt your
> Makefile from the  Chances are the OasisOLC patch never
> bothered to update the, so your new Makefile does not contain
> the *.o files for OLC.
> In any case, you just need to add the *.o files from Oasis into the
> OBJFILES macro in your and rerun configure (safer for future
> patches), or just add them directly in the Makefile (in the same place).
> Eric
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