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Date: 10/10/96

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, annick elziere wrote:

> Wowee, Dident i hear someone saying how the number of mail this list
> produced has reduced?, well if you ask me this could be one reason,
> maybee a lot of people are just afraid to ask the 'Big time' guru
> circle coders cuz they just get sarcasim.  And i know this is very rare
> but i just got annoyed when i see the same person do the same thing here
> ,on this mailinglist, as they do on thier mud...
>     Just thought id say so since he was makeing a friend of myself look
> like an a$$:P

  I think the problem is that everyone is too damn defensive.  No-one
  has came and out and out insulted anyone lately.  Believe me, it can get
  (and has been) worse.  I think if you weren't so sensitive and trying to
  defend yourself when someone hasn't said anything wrong towards you
  except to point out *FACTS* that make _you feel_ stupid, it would be
  fine.  The problem is that you're feeling stupid and trying to defend
  yourself when the only reason you're feeling stupid is because you
  did something stupid -- acknowledge it and forget it.

  "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

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