[NEWBIE-TIPS] was Re: [NEWBIE] Mobprogs

From: Jörgen (di4sig@cse.hks.se)
Date: 10/11/96

> I may be wrong here but I would look for a missing ')' or ']' or '}' 
> prolly around line 33 or above.  Just count out your '(' and ')' etc.most 
> likely they will not match-up.
A perfect solution to eliminate parsing errors is to use Emacs, Jed or vi.
They all check matching ('s ['s and {'s. + When coding, indent your code
wisely, so that you can easily spot errors of this kind. (Emacs c-mode rocks :)

+ BE consistent in your codingstyle. Some prefers this style:
if(expression) {

and some prefers:

Both are ok.. If your style is consistent (You use only one of the styles).

Both Emacs and vi have been ported to Windows/Win95, http://www.windows95.com
has them all.

// Zigg

ps, If you're new to Circle, read what's in the box below this line :) ds.
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