Re: [Newbie] Win95 and Renting probl

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 10/12/96

> After finding out that Win95 doesn't let you save objects WITHOUT first
> creating the appropriate player object directories, I did that and now the
> Players can save all their objects they have on them ..
> *BUT* anything they are wearing,holding etc DOESN'T GET SAVED in the last
> position but is placed back into the players inventory when the player
> returns. I haven't modified the code in anyway (besides creating those
> directories)

Well, that's why.  The stock Circle code does not record the position of 
your equipment.  It just dumps everything back into your inventory when 
you log in.

> Any idea's for those who have solved this dilemma please *beg beg*

I think there's a patch at the FTP site that someone submitted that makes 
Circle record eq positions but I've never used it personally.
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