Re: [CODE] Pulse status on MOBS??

From: Alexander van Koppen (
Date: 10/12/96

Hi !

> Hiya all..
> Problems nothing but problems, have anyone an idea how to make a MOB
> extremely fast. Picture this :
> Jumbo the warrior is standing in a room, then leaves east..
> In the east room is a MOB that IMMIDIATELY when Jumbo enters the room
> starts doing something (eg. attacking him)..
> Any ideas??? Help, I'm pretty lost here..

I once did it (Circle 2.2) by adding some extra command-numbers
(for entering / leaving a room, initiating violent actions, ...)
in the -1 .. -?? range. Whenever someone would enter a room, it
would check for any spec_proced mobs and call them with the 'entering
a room' value. Of course the spec_proc must contain the attacking
part... :)

Hope this is of any help...

See ya !

(P.S.: I accidentally dumped the code after I had switched to 3.0-11, so...)
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