Re: NEWBIE: Startup-Eq.

From: Primacy (
Date: 10/13/96

This isn't exactly what you wanted, but what we did on Ruin! mud was to 
create a newbie-guard who, when you type: NEWBIE  gives you a complete 
set of newbie eq.  (Not sellable, and junks when donated or dropped).  
Still doesn't give them $$, but then you could put that in the startup.

Ruin! Mud 4000

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996 wrote:
> Ok, I would like to give my characters on startup money (Already know
> that) but also a newbie sword and newbie armor.. how would I do that
> in the class.c ? I know which function I just need an example.
> Much appreciated it.

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