Race problem

From: Jonathan Blackhawke (hawke@excalibur.net)
Date: 10/13/96

     I'm running into a small problem that I cannot seem to get by.  I've
incorporated races from the race.doc and was able to get the code working
by changing one thing in it (there is a call for d->pos in interpreter.c
that needs to be changed to GET_PFILEPOS(d->character) -- at least it works
fine).  The problem I am running into is whenever the character log in new,
and then trys to type score (one that I've reworked), it decided to crash
the mud.  The spooky thing is that once they log back in, no matter how many
times they type score, it does not crash and displays the race correctly.
 What I've done on the score is made a switch that finds what race the
character is prior to the displaying of the information and stores it in
a buffer of it's own (i.e. buf4 -- and I've defined that buffer in db.h)
as text (i.e. case RACE_HUMAN:       strcpy(buf4, "Human");  I cannot see
any reason the mud should crash when the character does score immediatly
after logging in if it works after the crash.  Ideas?   Thanks.


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