Re: manual spell query
Date: 10/14/96

:P On Sun, 13 Oct 1996 wrote:
:P > i want to create a spell which will cause a mob to forget a named
:P > target (from MOB_MEMORY), but am not sure how to go about handling the
:P > name to be forgotten.
:P > the spell, when cast, should(?) look something like:
:P > cast 'forget' <mob> <person_to_be_forgotten>
:P   You'll essentially need to make a duplicate of 't' in do_cast, I used
:P   char *orig_arg; and set it to 't' before it does a one_argument to 't'.
:P   Then I passed this along to every function that goes towards casting the
:P   spell until it at least arrived at where it calls the MANUAL_SPELLs.  I
:P   changed the definition of MANUAL_SPELL and ASPELL to include a 'char *
:P   argument' and changed anything calling manual spells, cast_spell, etc.
:P   After that, you can use the argument in your manual spell.

:P   That probably didn't help any, did it? :P

strangely enough, it did.  took me a while to get, since i tend to
code by debugging ;)   
but i got it working :D

thanks for the help :)
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