Re: [opinion] races
Date: 10/14/96

> Just a little sidetrack:
> Why does everybody bake the races into the initial menu? A lot of new
> players have no idea about races, even less about stats when they select a
> new char.  I've coded it so people have to wait until level 5 to select a
> race (thus they would have a good idea what to be, and also the option to
> switch race.) I'll probably do the same for classes, make everybody born
> 'class-less humans', and let them do some research to find out which
> skills, spells etc. that exist for that class.
> :)

Gee, I dunno... Most of the time a character doesn't go for 20 years of their
life before they become an elf, a dwarf, or whatever... *shrugs* If 
people were striving a bit more towards realism, they are not going to have
the option to 'become a race' or 'switch races'... Choosing classes at a 
later date makes a little more sense, but choosing a race really doesn't...

--Pegasus of OnyxMUD

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