[Code ?] Saving obj extra desc

From: Bodega (bodega@petstore.staffairs.andrews.edu)
Date: 10/14/96

Hi all,
	I've been trying to make it so object extra descriptions are 
saved on objects when players quit/rent...in other words in the rent 
file. I plan to use this with my string command. I got the name, short 
descr, and long desc all to save but I'm having troubles getting the 
extra descriptions to save. Here's what I've done so far:
In structs.h in struct obj_file_elem
char keyword[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
char extra_desc[512];

in objsave.c:
in Obj_from_store_to()
   if(obj->ex_description) {
      obj->ex_description->keyword = str_dup(object.keyword);
      obj->ex_description->description = str_dup(object.extra_desc);

in Obj_to_store_from()
   if(obj->ex_description) {
      strcpy(object.keyword, obj->ex_description->keyword);
      strcpy(object.extra_desc, obj->ex_description->description);

Everything compiles fine and I get no crashes when saving, renting, or 
unrenting, but the object's extra description doesn't save...I realize 
that the code above will only allow for the first keyword and extra 
description to be saved, but I figured once I got one to save the rest 
would be easy. Anyways if you have any ideas of what I did wrong, could 
you please tell me...oh, and if you feeling extra generous, could you 
please give me hints on how to save all the objects extra descriptions :)

Thanks in advance,

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