[Newbie] Paladin Skills

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (reddragon@greatbasin.com)
Date: 10/14/96

Hi, I'm what you would probably consider a newbie coder :). 

My problem is this:  I have implemented a paladin class on my mud.  The 
class works great, and is cool and everything...except for one small 
problem.  Whenever I try to use Warrior skills that I have assigned to 
the class (such as kick), I get the message "You'd better leave all the 
martial arts to fighters...".  I have isolated this problem in do_kick in 
act.offensive.c, I just need to know how to add CLASS_PALADIN to the "if 
GET_CLASS(ch) != CLASS_WARRIOR" statement, so that Paladins will be able 
to use warrior skils.  C'mon all ya coders out there, show me yer stuff! :P

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