Re: [NEWBIE] Poofin/Poofout

From: Stefan Jakobsson (
Date: 10/15/96

On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira wrote:
> > Why arent these messages beeing saved?
> "Hello all, I am having this problem, is it normal? How could I fix it,
> please, do you know where can I get more info? Oh, lookee, it's in the
> readme! What do you know, thanks anyway, good luck to y'all, bye, Stefan"
> I thought there was something missing in the previous post, for a moment I
> felt myself like HAL9000 waiting to answer human questions.

*sigh* If you look in the header it is clearly stated [NEWBIE]...

So i am new to this, i DID read all the files that came along with the 
Circle3.0 bpl 11 distribution, and no, i can't find anything about 
poofin/poofout in any of them, but since you seem to have, maybe next 
time, instead of taking on a superior attitude that deter instead of 
encourage, just write 'look in the-whatever-file'.

That would be a much nicer response, and it would most likely help me a 
lot more than basicly being called an idiot.


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