initiative system
Date: 10/15/96

well, i put in a system based on Daniel's recommendations of the other
day (create a calculate_speed function, etc), and it sometimes works
fine, but sometimes a player's speed will end up being 8000+ or even
over 1 billion :O
actually, i believe this is related to my previously posted error
regarding all items being type UNDEFINED, since these speed numbers
seem to correspond to a bitvector number in the object files ;)

but anyway, in terms of using this to handle multi-attacks, how about
putting into calc_speed that if the player is a high enough level
warrior, his speed gets reduced? 
int calc_speed(struct char_data * ch) {
  int speed;

  speed = <whatever works for you :>

  if (IS_WARRIOR(ch) && GET_LEVEL(ch) > 7) 
    speed *= .67;


  return speed;

in fact, i like that a whole lot better than multiple attacks, which
seems repugnantly artificial by comparison.
multiple attacks are about hitting more often, but this lets you hit
more often too, but still ends up depending on all the other factors,
which a second_attack skill wouldn't.
also, you don't need to create new skills to do it :P

and in a completely unrelate side question:
is there any way to force gdb to ignore SIGPIPE signals and/or just
automatically continue if it hits one?
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