Convenient World Updating Script

From: Peter Hartman (
Date: 10/15/96

Hi all I am new to the mudding kingdom and fairly new to linux.  I was
wondering if i could create a script for my coders and myself that would
allow them to take all there various mob, obj, wld, and zon files and
plop them in the respective directories in the /mud/lib/whatever dirs
from there working dirs.  For example in muduser's home directory he/she
creates a new zone called 66 and has 4 or 5 66.mob, obj, wld, etc
files.  Is there a convenient script for bash shell that will plop them
all down in the proper dirs and also maybe update the index file?  Just
curious because I have yet to learn shell scripting well enough to
figure out how to accept  variables (like %1 in dos batch files). 
Thanks for any help!

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