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From: Mark Crichton (
Date: 10/15/96

(Forgive me for the heading change, I wanted to make it more descriptve 
for the discussion)

> answer to number 2...
> the .diff files have specific line numbers to patch, and if you even 
> added one line, you have to edit the patch file to the correct lines

That is, if your sadistic :)

Patch SHOULD have spewed some errors, but more importantly files ending in 
*.rej.  These "reject" files contain the patch parts that couldn't be applied.
It's the coder's (your) job to apply them by hand.  The best trick I can give
(on a general basis) is look for syntax.  Most patch files have some lines 
before the segment to be patched.  This will give you a good place to start to
look.  (Most of this is assuming that the patches are "new-context" diff
patches (i.e. "diff -u").  Other formats might have the same features, but
I don't see/use them much, because IMHO they are ugly and not user-friendly)

Take care,
Mark Crichton

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