Re:[Offtopic] Disclaimer

Date: 10/16/96

        For example, some areas of the country (speaking of the US) have 
        ruled in court cases that if you put up a sign that says beware of 
        dog, you have recognized the hazard exists, and if you take no 
        steps to mitigate the hazard and someone is injured, you've 
        basically lost all defenses in the issue.
        Being an IMP and also a sysop of a BBS, I've seen this topic 
        discussed at length in sysop forums around the world. It is best to 
        contact someone (such as a user group) and see how the local legal 
        issues may effect you.
        Due to the shrinking of the world though, that may not be a ready 
        protection either since a case for damages can usually be brought 
        either in the location that the damages occurred (the location of 
        the claimant) or the location where the damages originated (the 
        location of the defendant). Plantiff Attorneys are generally very 
        careful to pick the most favorable.
        Since I deal with this on a day to day basis, thought I'd post my 
        two cents on this one.

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