From: Gerald Wichmann (
Date: 10/16/96


I am looking for some help.  A friend of mine currently runs an 8 line BBS
using Worldgroup software and dos/windoze.  He runs major mud but everyone
is very tiresome of it and progress with the mud is very slow (as well as
development).  We have been interested and toying with the idea of running a
REAL mud and totally redoing the bbs.

I've noticed there is source for win95 for circlemud but i haven't bothered
trying to compile it yet (i use borland c++ 5.0 and will prolly install
visual 4.0 to try to compile the mud).  Does anyone have a precompiled win95
circlemud they can send me that i can tinker with and see how it runs and so
forth?  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can set up a bbs
dedicated to a mud?  What O/S should we use?  What BBS software should we
use (or do we need one)?

It's been suggested to me that VuBBS/Linux combo would allow us to run any
unix mud we want yet i can't find VuBBS anywhere on the net through
searching.  Furthermore running it in a win95 environment would be
preferable as far as i can tell.. 

any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.


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