Re: [ADMIN] Copyright issues

From: Yoink! (
Date: 10/16/96

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Ebon Mists wrote:

> > Greetings,
> >    It has recently come to my attention that a disgruntled
> > former Imp of Phoenix mud has released our full distribution
> > to the public.  I found this out in a rather rude fashion
> > when I came across one of my areas, which is copyrighted,
> > on another mud.

> Just so you know, you cannoy copyright something just by placing a Copyright
> blah blah on it. Unless you went through the proper legal channels, your
> area is not copyrighted.

> Hades, I'm no lawyer but I do know a bit about copyright laws.

Really?  Not to flame, but then you know that putting _anything_ in a
1)Fixed and 2) Published form constitues a copyright.  Fixed as in a
computer file.  Published as on the internet.  No lawyers or copyright
offices involved.

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