Re: Copyright laws

From: Steve Reeves (
Date: 10/17/96

>  That's not true.  There's no percentage in the US copyright laws that
  Yer right.  I mis-remembered what I was told.  What I was thinking of 
involved two things being somewhat similar, but not copied off each
other.  [ie, a few years ago Sierra released a game called "Hero's Quest" [which
was later changed to "Quest for Glory"] and some company had a board game
out already called "Hero Quest"  I was thinking of the similarity rules for
that.  I dunno where I got that 70% number from earlier.. but I was
confusing everything up.]  Well, I'll 
stop making myself sound worse and go back to coding now.. :>
[Oh gee.. I'm really sure asking those dumb questions about my code makes me
look good.. hehehehe..]  :>


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