Re: [ADMIN] Copyright issues

From: Steve Reeves (
Date: 10/17/96

>  Mailing yourself something is not a copyright.  It's a method of proving
>  that you had it before someone else.  It's certainly far from fool-proof
>  but that's not the point.
  I know it's not a copyright.. I just said I've heard it called the "Poor
Man's Copyright"
before.  :>

>  Everything is copyright unless you EXPLICITLY *SAY* that it isn't.   You
>  do not need to go through any method to copyright, you don't need to put
>  Copyriht 1996 by <whatever> nor All rights reserved.  As long you  don't
>  say, "this is public domain," it's copyright. 
  I also was aware of that.  :>  You just have more protection if you put a
notice on it.  :>

>  TSR attempts to copyright everything; they don't realize that you can't.
  Right.  They've sued people over it before... but I'm not positive of the
And, unfourtunately for us, there usually are no penalties for claiming you
have more rights than you actually do.  [I mean, to a point.  It is
certainly possible to get in trouble by claiming you have some absurd right
you actually don't and acting on that "right".]

Oh well...

Steve -- who knows what he's talking about, really.  :>

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