Re: [ADMIN] Copyright issues

From: Mark Crichton (
Date: 10/18/96

Reading over all of this stuff about copyright issues sparked a little bit
of interest in my mind...then jogged my memory.

Has anybody thought of taking their copyrighted zones/code/etc. and
digitally signing them with a hash/public-key setup (a la PGP)

This does sound moot, but (here's the memory part...) grabbing my copy of
Applied Cryptography and flipping to section 25.16 (Legal issues), it
mentions that Utah initiated a Digital Signature Act on May 1, 1995.
According to AC, digital signatures have been brought to a court case yet
(at book publication).

Has anyone heard about the legality of said signatures?  (I should check EFF
after mailing this...hmmm)  Also interested in what countries outside the 
States has to say about such things. 

Any additional thoughts on this?  (This could become interesting...)

Stirring up debate (or is that trouble...),
Mark Crichton

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